Gift Aid


St Patrick’s runs a Planned Giving and Gift Aid Scheme. At the moment, about 65% of donations to St Patrick’s are made in this way, enabling the Parish to reclaim the income tax already paid on donations from the Government. This brings in an additional c£10,000 a year from HM Revenue and Customs.

Gift Aid is a scheme set up by the government that enables individuals who are tax-payers to make donations to Charities free of basis rate income tax. This means is that, if you make a Gift Aid declaration, St Patrick’s is able to reclaim an additional 25% of any donations you make to the Parish back from HMRC. Also, if you are a higher rather tax payer, you personally are able to reclaim a similar amount back from HMRC, through your Self Assessment tax return.

Participating is straightforward, Parishioners need to do just two things:

  1. Make a Gift Aid declaration- confirming that you are a UK taxpayer, and that your annual income/capital gains tax will be more than the tax the parish will reclaim under Gift Aid
  2. Make your donation by either i) Standing Order or ii) Donation Envelopes - so that we are able to record the amount of your donation to reclaim from HMRC.

Most people find it convenient to set up a Standing Order with their bank, this is also administratively easierfor the Parish. If you are not a tax-payer and would still like to donate by Standing Order this is also possible.

If you would like to make your donation in this way, please complete the attached forms and return them to the Presbytery.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me or Alan Morton, chair of the Parish finance committee(

gift aid form